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I am seamlessly navigating the intersection of roles as an Technology Expert, CTO, Founder, and Author. My journey unfolds through the lens of software engineering, where I delve into revolutionizing user experiences. As a CTO, I share insights on the intricate dance of innovation and leadership within the vast tech landscape. Reflecting on my entrepreneurial path, I offer firsthand perspectives on founding ventures, translating visionary concepts into tangible reality. Beyond the realm of technology, I bring my literary passion to the forefront, exploring the art of crafting compelling narratives that weave seamlessly through the dynamic landscape of tech through speaking at tech conference, an inspiring journey expressed in my own words hoping to inspire others.


Madona Wambua is a luminary speaker who seamlessly navigates the complexities of technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her insightful talks on Android development showcase not only technical mastery but a genuine passion for revolutionizing user experiences. As a CTO, Madona's ability to demystify the intricacies of the tech landscape and offer profound insights into innovation and leadership is unparalleled. As the founder of ventures, she brings a unique blend of vision and practical wisdom. Madona's eloquence extends beyond code; her captivating narratives, both spoken and written, resonate deeply, making her a compelling and inspiring presence on any stage. - Harsheeta M
Madona Wambua's insightful session on mobile development coding left me feeling highly encouraged. Her focus on highlighting the similarities between Swift and Kotlin was reassuring, making the prospect of learning new languages and concepts seem less daunting. I appreciate Madona's approach, as she conveyed that mastering one language could pave the way for understanding another. Moreover, her exploration of declarative programming versus imperative programming, accompanied by engaging code examples, has sparked my interest and motivation to delve deeper into this area. Madona Wambua's expertise and teaching style have truly made a positive impact on my coding journey. - Irene Martinez
Madona Wambua has been a source of inspiration and knowledge for me since DevFest. Her commitment to advocating for diversity and inclusion has deeply resonated with me, especially as an early developer and woman in tech. Having Madona as a mentor has been invaluable, and I am truly grateful for the guidance she provides. I eagerly anticipate following her journey and am thankful for the impact she has had on my own growth. Thank you, Madona, for being a beacon of support and encouragement. -Sincerely, Yufa.
I got the opportunity to attend Women Techmakers event where Madona was presenting and it was great hearing her insights. Thank you for sharing those and looking forward to connect and learn from you. - Vandita Verma
Having Madona Wambua as a guest speaker at our GDSC conference was truly amazing! As a core member of GDSC at Earlham College, I had the pleasure of experiencing Madona's insightful talk. Her expertise and passion for the subject were evident, leaving a lasting impression on all of us. I'm eager to connect with Madona to delve deeper into her work and gain further insights. Thank you, Madona, for the inspiring session! Looking forward to connecting soon. Best, Parsa Mallik
It's great connecting with you. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the talk it was wonderful. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been today having the opportunity to be in this event and see your presentation. If it’s maybe possible can you please share the name of your app I really appreciate it Thanks again and you’re an impactful and wonderful woman - Silvia Reyes

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