Modern Android 13 Development Cookbook :

Over 70 recipes to solve Android development issue and create better apps with Kotlin and jetpack compose 


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"If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to do different things in Android Native Development, look no further --this book will show you how to. The book covers simpler things about UI to more complicated things like databases or WorkManager. It evens shows you how to properly test different scenarios that will show up in your apps. It does show everything you need to become proficient in Android development. It is well-explained and clear. You get images and code snippets. I highly recommend this book." - Gavin Zhang, Lead Android Engineer at Pinterest
"I am super glad that I have found this book and wanted to share some of my opinions. If you would like to learn modern development technologies along with many useful pro tips on Android, this book is the one! It teaches you the major Jetpack libraries (Compose, Navigation, Room, DataStore, WorkManager, Paging, etc.) you need to know about. As a senior Android engineer in Silicon Valley, I am able to apply what I learned from this book to my daily job. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies." - Juan C Catalan, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Medtronic
"This book is a must-have for any professional Android developer who wants to keep up with the latest technologies, which is not always possible at work due to large codebases with legacy code. All the modern frameworks are covered in detail. The book is meant to be read while coding along in Android Studio, and it comes with a companion GitHub code repository, with all the code samples used in the book. The author uses a practical approach and a fresh writing style to explain the concepts with clarity, which makes reading the book very enjoyable. In summary, I highly recommend reading the book if you want to improve your Android development skills." - Saint-Paul Tinga | Sr. Android Developer at Nike