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Madona S. Wambua

I’m a Founder & CTO Jibu Labs , Author, GDE Android & Speaker.

I specialize in engineering exceptional mobile experiences for the Android Platform. Currently, I’m building brilliant, human-centered applications. Pre-order my book at Amazon.

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My Journey

My interest in software engineering and coding, in general, began after high school. I wanted to become an Aeronautical Engineer, but over time my passion changed, and I discovered Software Engineering. I was fascinated by how computers worked, which made my interest grow. In 2015 I managed to build my first android application Simple Maths using Java, and it had over five hundred downloads with a 4.5 rating. This motivated me so much, and that's how I got into mobile.

My Learning Curve

As my interest in building android applications grew, I applied for the Grow With Google Scholarship and won. The advanced android development nano degree from Udacity helped shape my second Application, Budgeting Buddy, which now has ten thousand downloads. Budgeting Buddy is a free mobile application that helps manage money and create budgets. Education: Auburn Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

Let’s Work Together

I currently work as an Android Engineer, and you can contact me for Speaking, Hosting, and Consulting.

Android Project

Bugdeting Buddy

Budgeting App for Android.

Budgeting Buddy is a simple App meant to help maintain your monthly and daily budgets, the app is free, and you should be able to enjoy all free features without problems. To set up your wallet, visit the income section, and add amount.

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