Hello, I'm Madona Wambua

A multifaceted professional blending the role of Founder and CTO. With a deep-rooted passion for technology, I’ve earned my stripes as a seasoned expert in the field. 

As a Keynote Speaker, I relish the opportunity to share insights and inspire audiences with my knowledge.

Beyond the tech realm, I have delved into the creation of a technical book, adding ‘Author’ to my list of accomplishments.

Eager to connect, exchange experiences, and actively contribute to the dynamic conversations within the world of technology and beyond.    


The Founder and CTO

I’m the proud Founder of Jibu Labs and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). I oversee all aspects of product design, engineering, architecture and infrastructure ensuring alignment with Jibu Labs vision and goal.  

Furthermore, in my capacity as CTO, I lead a dedicated team committed to crafting cutting-edge solutions that tackle real-world challenges. Collectively, we are instrumental in shaping the future of our industry, positioning Jibu Labs at the forefront of technological advancement and purpose-driven innovation. 


The Technology Expert

I am honored to be recognized by Google as a technology expert, specifically as a Google Developer Expert. This acknowledgment underscores my dedication and proficiency in the dynamic field of technology, with a focus on Android development. Serving in this role allows me not only to showcase my technical capabilities but also to actively contribute to the vibrant Google developer community.

Beyond my involvement with Google, my influence extends to the academic realm. I proudly serve as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Strategic AI Certificate Program at Mercy University in New York. In this capacity, I contribute to the evolution of AI education, guiding the program’s strategic direction under the auspices of Executive Education New York.


The Author

I take pride in my role as the author of an insightful and comprehensive book focused on Android development. This venture into authorship has allowed me to distill my extensive experience and knowledge in the field, offering readers a valuable resource for mastering Android technologies.

In crafting this book, my goal is to provide a clear and accessible guide, catering to both novice developers and seasoned professionals. The content delves into the intricacies of Android development, offering practical insights, best practices, and real-world examples. It reflects my commitment to fostering learning and skill development within the ever-evolving landscape of mobile app development.


The Speaker

As a speaker, I find great joy and purpose in sharing my insights and expertise with diverse audiences. Having spoken at over 30+ conferences, I bring a wealth of experience to the stage, leveraging my knowledge to inspire and inform.

My engagements as a keynote speaker center around technology, innovation, community and the transformative power of embracing cutting-edge advancements. Whether addressing industry professionals, aspiring developers, or tech enthusiasts, I tailor my presentations to captivate and resonate with the unique interests and aspirations of each audience.


The Podcast Host

As the founder of “Tech Talks with Madona,” I am thrilled to spearhead a podcast dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering community for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This podcast is a platform where we delve into the dynamic world of technology, discuss current trends, and highlight the inspiring stories of women who are making significant contributions to STEM fields.

“Tech Talks with Madona” aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry by showcasing the achievements of women, sharing insights into their experiences, and offering valuable advice for aspiring professionals. The podcast covers a range of topics, from technical innovations and career development to navigating challenges in the male-dominated tech landscape.